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Ace Week

October 3rd, 2021 Resources

Ace Week is all about making a difference in your own way! Whether that's by hosting an educational workshop, sharing brochures with local organizations, or getting involved in a local community group, your efforts make a big difference!

To help you out, our team has created a wealth of resources that you can use to support your own advocacy efforts:

Printable Materials

A stack of brochures titled

Printed supplies are fantastic complement to your advocacy efforts, whether you’re hosting a workshop, organizing a social, or spreading awareness. Our resources database contains a wealth of options for you to choose from.

Find printable materials


A black presentation title slide that says

Building on years of experience presenting educational workshop to audiences across the country, our team has assembled a comprehensive template to guide you through your own educational presentations.

Download our template


A card is propped in front of a computer screen. Both refer to the website and show multiple a-spec pride flags.

From community groups to campus clubs, and from forums to social networks, ace folks are organizing community spaces all around the world. Visit to find out how you can connect to your community.

Find your community


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